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User Stories in Academia

Learn how universities worldwide are using MATLAB and Simulink products in innovative ways to educate a new generation of engineers, overcome difficult research challenges, and advance scientific discovery.

Saves ECU Development Time and Prepares Engineering Students for Industry

Northeastern University
Teaches Freshmen to Think Like Engineers in Its High-Tech Tools and Toys Lab

Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Increases Productivity with MATLAB Access for Everyone, Anywhere

Ormiston College
Teaches Secondary School Students Math and Programming with MATLAB

Aalborg University
Pioneers Problem-Based Learning

Penn State GATE Program
Gives Students Practical Hardware-in-the-Loop Experience Through Its Automotive Research Lab

Arizona State University
Develops Innovative Aerospace Engineering Curriculum

Penn State University
Develops Software Defined Radio Ground Station for Nanosatellite

Chalmers University of Technology
Integrates MATLAB Throughout Core Mathematics Curriculum

Queen Mary, University of London
Advances Control System Design of the International Linear Collider

Clarkson University
Brings Consistency to Engineering Curriculum by Standardizing on MathWorks Tools

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Speeds the Development of Robotic Control Systems

Cornell University
Bioacoustics Scientists Develop a High-Performance Computing Platform for Analyzing Big Data

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Students Design Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain
Empowers Students to Design Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain

Doheny Eye Institute
Develops Next-Generation Retinal Prosthesis

École Centrale de Lyon
Uses MathWorks Tools to Help Students Learn in the Classroom, in Competitions, and on Research Projects

RWTH Aachen University
Prepares Students for Careers in Industry

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Students and Gulfstream Engineers Design and Implement Embedded Flight Control Systems on the Arduino Platform

Technische Universität München
Uses Model-Based Design to Drive Research, Problem-Based Learning, and Industry Collaboration

Georgetown University
Predicts Financial Crises in Emerging Markets

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Integrates Experimentation into the Engineering Curriculum

Georgia Tech
Uses MATLAB to Teach Computer Science Concepts

Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Enables Students to Model, Simulate, and Control Mechatronic Rehabilitation Systems

Indian Institute of Science
Helps Engineering Students Solve Multidisciplinary Problems

University of Alberta
Improves First-Year Engineering Student Outcomes with MATLAB Programming

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Integrates MATLAB Throughout Master’s Level Mechanical Engineering Curriculum

University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
Develops and Simulates Advanced Robotic Control Systems

Johns Hopkins University
Establishes Virtual Lab for Wireless Communications

University of Arizona
Enables Students to Explore Geosciences in the Classroom, the Lab, and the Field

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Improves Retention Rates and Turns Students into Engineers Through CDIO Program

University of California, Davis
Empowers Students to Develop an Environmentally Friendly Sport Utility Vehicle

Lund University
Develops an Artificial Neural Network for Matching Heart Transplant Donors with Recipients

University of Geneva
Develops Advanced Portfolio Optimization Techniques

Manchester Metropolitan University
Students Vote Math Best Overall Course Following Adoption of MATLAB

University of Melbourne
Supports New Engineering Curriculum with MathWorks Tools

Marquette University
Integrates Model-Based Design into Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Curriculum

University of Michigan
Develops Controls for Bipedal Robots with Model-Based Design

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Integrates Cancer Research in the Lab and Classroom

University of Nottingham
Accelerates Clinical Research of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Medical University of South Carolina
Applies Bioinformatics Theory

University of Oxford
Mathematics Undergraduate Students Use MATLAB for Symbolic Computation and Problem Solving

Michigan State University
Integrates MATLAB into Engineering Curricula to Foster Student Proficiency in Problem-Solving Using Computational Tools

University of Potsdam
Researches Ancient Climates Using Sophisticated Time Series and Spatial Analysis Methods

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab
Develops Video Processing Algorithms to Magnify Minute Movements and Changes in Color

University of Sydney
Enables Students to Experience Flight Dynamics in the Variable Stability Flight Simulator

Mondragon University
Enables Students to Build Practical Engineering Skills Through Project-Based Learning

University of Toronto
Works with Space Flight Laboratory to Design and Simulate Nanosatellite Control Systems

University of Toronto
Uses Reconfigurable Robot to Enable Students to Study Realistic Industrial Robots

Museum of Science, Boston
Creates Interactive Activities That Teach Visitors About Their Own Biology

University of Waterloo
Develops Award-Winning Fuel Cell Technology

Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Develops Tactile Object Recognition Algorithms for a Robotic Hand

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Improves Underwater Imaging with MathWorks Tools

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