Interactive Tutorials

Learn the basics of using MATLAB and Simulink.

Hardware for Project-Based Learning

Use student software with Arduino, LEGO, Raspberry Pi, iPhone, webcams, and other devices.

With student software you can stream data back and forth from many devices – and directly program devices for deployed execution. You can also create real-life signal processing, controls, and data acquisition applications.

You can access many hardware support packages immediately by selecting Add-Ons and then Get Hardware Support Packages in the MATLAB Toolstrip.

Learn more about how combining student software with low-cost hardware can help you create cool projects while building valuable experience.

Installation and Support

Get up and running quickly

Installation Instructions

Get step-by-step instructions for installing and activating student software.

If you need further help installing student software, visit the online support site for troubleshooting and contact information.

Technical Support

Contact your instructor for problems that you cannot resolve using the documentation or online support. Telephone and email technical support is available to registered instructors who have adopted student software in their courses.


Get targeted help to solve specific problems.

Videos and Examples

Explore short tutorial videos, MATLAB code examples, and Simulink model examples.

Product Documentation

Access comprehensive documentation several ways:

  • In the online Documentation Center
  • From the MATLAB Help menu
  • From the command line, by typing doc <function name> for help on a specific function

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