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Controller Implementation with Automatic Code Generation

Once the design of the control algorithm has been validated to be both behaviorally and mathematically correct, the next step is to deploy the algorithm to an embedded processor. MathWorks provides Real-Time Workshop and Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder  for automatically generating highly efficient C/C++ code from control models. The generated code is capable of running on virtually any microprocessor or real-time operating system (RTOS). This code can be integrated back into Simulink for software-in-the-loop testing, or deployed directly to a supported microprocessor for processor-in-the-loop testing.

Full traceability between the requirements/specifications, the model, test vectors, and the C/C++ code can easily be included through user defined links, thereby ensuring that design choices made earlier in the development cycle are fully documented within the generated code. The ability to navigate through all phases of a design provides the engineers responsible for testing, deploying, and integrating C/C++ code full access to the insight of the entire multi-disciplinary design team during the final test and calibration phase. The insight into the model coupled with the ability to automatically generate C Code will allow the design to remain flexible to change even up to the final stages of deployment.

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