Control Systems Tutorial for MATLAB & Simulink


Interactive Control Systems Tutorial

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Control Systems Tutorial Introduction 4:09

System Representation (25 minutes)

Learn the basics of representing dynamical systems in MATLAB and Simulink.

  • Introduction to System Representation 2:41
  • Linear Time-Invariant Systems 11:53
  • Simulink Block Diagrams 10:30

System Analysis (35 minutes)

Learn to analyze LTI systems using Control System Toolbox.

  • Introduction to System Analysis 2:19
  • Time Domain Analysis 19:09
  • Frequency Domain Analysis 14:51

Control Design (65 minutes)

Design and implement common compensator structures in MATLAB and Simulink.

  • Introduction to Control Design 3:01
  • Analyzing Closed-Loop Systems 23:53
  • Implementing Common Compensator Structures 19:55
  • Designing Compensators in Simulink 21:12

Tutorial Extras and Next Steps

Explore additional resources for designing control systems and learning MATLAB and Simulink.

  • Control Systems Road Map 12:24

MATLAB Tech Talks

Short videos on fundamental controls concepts

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