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The Academic Tutorial was designed to teach the basic skills required to become a successful MATLAB user. The Academic Tutorial comprises a subset of the larger and more comprehensive MATLAB Fundamentals course. The full MATLAB Fundamentals course is available to students, researchers, and professors for $200 and builds on the skills taught during the Academic Tutorial. The lessons available in the Academic Tutorial are intended to be taken sequentially.

Working with the MATLAB User Interface (approximately 50 minutes)

  • The MATLAB Desktop 5 min
  • Importing Data into MATLAB 8 min
  • Exploring Data in MATLAB 10 min
  • Saving and Loading Variables 5 min
  • Visualizing Data 5 min
  • Formatting Plots 5 min
  • Data Analysis Tools 10 min

Variables and Expressions (approximately 50 minutes)

  • MATLAB Commands 10 min
  • Assignment 5 min
  • Vectors and Matrices 15 min
  • Help and Documentation 4 min
  • Row, Column Indexing 7 min
  • Concatenation 8 min

Analysis and Visualization with Vectors (approximately 40 minutes)

  • Statistical functions 5 min
  • Array Operations 8 min
  • Mathematical Operations 8 min
  • Plotting 18 min

Analysis and Visualization with Matrices (approximately 10 minutes)

  • Matrix Multiplication 5 min
  • Function Behavior 2 min

Automating Commands with Scripts (approximately 10 minutes)

  • Scripts 4 min
  • Comments and Help 5 min
  • Cells 2 min

Working with Data Files (approximately 2 minutes)

  • File Types 2 min

Multiple Vector Plots (approximately 5 minutes)

  • Multiple Plots 2 min
  • Plot Properties 2 min
  • Cells 2 min

Logic and Flow Control (approximately 15 minutes)

  • Programming 15 min
  • Publishing Results 2 min

Data Analysis (approximately 2 minutes)

  • Smoothing and Polynomial Fitting 2 min

Writing Functions (approximately 10 minutes)

  • MATLAB Functions 10 min

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