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Simulink On-Ramp (approximately 45 minutes)

Learn the basics of graphical modeling with Simulink.

  • Introduction: What Is Simulink? 4:42
  • Constructing and Running a Simple Model 13:45
  • Simulating a Model 10:10
  • Working with MATLAB 9:12
  • Creating Subsystems 6:46

Using Simulink to Model Continuous Dynamical Systems (approximately 30 minutes)

  • Modeling Transfer Functions 12:50
  • Modeling a System of Differential Equations 7:26
  • Applying System Modeling to Controls 5:19

Using Simulink to Model Discrete Dynamical Systems (approximately 60 minutes)

This tutorial requires Signal Processing Blockset in addition to Simulink.

  • Modeling Discrete Dynamical Systems 19:35
  • Use Signal Processing Blockset 12:01
  • Working with Signals in Simulink 9:59
  • Applying a Filter 9:04
  • Designing and Implementing a Filter 10:23