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MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite includes MATLAB, Simulink and 10 add-on products that supply the tools needed for most basic courses in engineering, applied mathematics, science, and finance. Use it to complement your course curriculum and give students access to MATLAB and Simulink on their own computers for homework, design projects, and research.

Students can purchase it online, or you can ask your bookstore to stock it. Faculty who use student software in their classes may use the evaluation copy for course preparation.

Bookstore Ordering Information

Ask your campus bookstore to stock student software.

Title: MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite Release 2014a
English Version ISBN: 978-0-9896-140-23
Japanese Version ISBN: 978-0-9896-140-30

Faculty Evaluation Copy

Submit the request form to evaluate student software for use in a class. Evaluation copies are not available to students.

Classroom Resources

Find shared course materials that incorporate MATLAB, Simulink, and other products on the classroom resources page.

See more resources for Teaching with MATLAB.

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For Faculty

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