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University of California, San Diego


In June 2014, UC San Diego will compete in the 12th annual AUVSI Student UAS (unmanned aerial system) international competition. Their system takes off, navigates, and lands, all with minimal user input. In addition, all imagery data collected in flight is processed – extracting targets' characteristics. The team aims to take first place by implementing robust designs aided by powerful prototyping and analysis software.

Images courtesy of UCSD

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Team Facts

  • 30 members of all engineering disciplines, 11 of whom will be traveling to compete in Maryland
  • Designs and builds composite airframes
  • MathWorks software used for prototyping:
    • Georeferencing - Uses plane and gimbal/camera state data and returns the lat/long coordinates of the onboard camera's subject
    • Shape Recognition – Takes a binary image with a shape and returns likely shape name
    • Saliency – Takes raw image and returns interesting parts