The Winner's Circle

The Winner's Circle

Cool projects. Raw talent. The right tools. With these ingredients student competition teams are winning competitions worldwide and shaping the future of automotive design, aerospace engineering, robotics, and many other technical fields.

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EcoCAR 3 Year 1 Competition first place finisher, The Ohio State University, uses MATLAB and Simulink to validate architecture selection and controls development in their hybrid vehicle.

EcoCAR 3 competition website Sponsor collaboration video (Year 1)

The number one ranked Formula Student team in the world, AMZ Racing from ETH Zurich, uses MATLAB and Simulink to run lap time simulations as a design tool for early stage concepts.

Racing Lounge video podcast Fabrice Oehler presenting at the MathWorks Automotive Conference 2015 in Stuttgart

Formula Student Germany 2015 winner, DUT Racing from TU Delft, won with a stunning score of 923.02 of possible 1000 points. They interfaced their Simulink model to their engine control unit.

Racing Lounge video podcast

Greenteam held the Guinness World Record in 2015 for the fastest acceleration of an electric vehicle from 0 to 100km/h by using Simulink and embedded code generation to deploy vehicle dynamics controllers onto their ECUs.

Greenteam's project video


Brooks High School takes first place in the BEST Robotics 2015 Atlanta hub, and win's the regional Simulink Design Award by developing a highly adaptive control scheme for a remote controlled robot using Simulink and Stateflow.

Robocon's website Robocon's YouTube page MakerZone article

Manthano Christian Academy takes first place in the BEST Robotics 2015 Texas regional and win's the regional Simulink Design Award by developing a Simulink model of a robot's drivetrain to determine its efficiency and maneuverability.

Manthano's YouTube page Mathano's website Manthano's Facebook page

Junior Exhibition Achieve Charter Academy Metal Robots team finished first in Robofest's local, regional, and world championships using a MATLAB and Simulink based application to control a robot arm manipulator.

Metal Robots YouTube page Technical Article


SUAS 2015 competition second place finisher, Israel Institute of Technology, creates a MATLAB obstacle avoidance simulation for their flight vehicle.

Journal paper SUAS competition

RoboSub first place team, San Diego State University, uses Simulink to find the optimal parameters for their autonomous underwater vehicle's control system.

San Diego State's YouTube page

BioTech and Medical

iGEM 2015 Competition grand prize winner in the Overgrad category, TU Delft, modeled 3D printing of bacterial biofilm using MATLAB in order to determine the factors that have a strong influence on the biofilm strength.

iGem competition website

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