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Improving Modeling Usability: Automatic Layouting for Simulink

Lars Kristian Klauske and Christian Dziobek, Daimler AG, Germany

Improving Modeling Usability: Automatic Layouting for Simulink

The descriptive quality and readability of models is considered among the major benefits of model-based software development over textual programming. While modeling languages like Simulink provide the necessary visual elements, the quality of a model's graphical representation is still heavily influenced by its layout. Significant effort is therefore spent on the layout's manual improvement: dragging blocks and rerouting lines.

This session describes current challenges in editing Simulink models using exemplary steps from the modeling workflow. It presents an approach supporting modelers by integrating specifically designed layout algorithms into the Simulink graphical development environment. Furthermore, it discusses aspects of user interaction during the layout process and shows that automatic layouting is an enabling technology for the further enhancement of usability and modeling efficiency. The session includes a live demonstration with examples.

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