The MathWorks Brand Style Guide

Referring to MathWorks

See Japan version. Japan.

General Guidelines

The  company operates under the name MathWorks. Use this name on all company materials, except when the legal name is required. (See “The legal name” section for examples.)

  • The M and the in the name are uppercase.
  • There is no space in MathWorks.
  • Keep the company name on one line (no hyphen).
  • Do not abbreviate the company name (no MW or TMW).
  • Do not use the possessive form (no MathWorks’ ).
  Instead of: MathWorks’ growth in the automotive industry...
 Write:The company’s growth in the automotive industry...
 Or:The growth of MathWorks in the automotive industry...
  • Use the article “the” (lowercase) only when “MathWorks” modifies a singular noun. (Set “the” in uppercase if it begins the sentence.)


Visit the MathWorks Web site for more information.
[MathWorks modifies site – singular]

The MathWorks Technical Support team can help...
[MathWorks modifies team – singular; the begins the sentence – uppercase]

See demos from MathWorks engineers.
[MathWorks modifies engineers – plural – no the]

The Legal Name

The legal company name is The MathWorks, Inc. Keep the legal name all on one line.
Some common cases when you should use “The MathWorks, Inc.” are:

  • Copyright lines (including in Web footers, code, and documentation footers)

Example: © 1984–2015 The MathWorks, Inc.

  • Trademark lines (including notice pages in the doc, trademark page on Web site, and trademark block on collateral)

Example: MATLAB and Simulink are registered trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc.

  • Address blocks on company communications

See more examples of when to use the legal company name.

Use Singular Form

Always refer to the company in singular form.


MathWorks is the leading developer and supplier of software for technical computing and Model-Based Design.

The MathWorks, Inc. certifies that the products offered herein...

Company Tagline

  • MathWorks has only one tagline:
    Accelerating the pace of engineering and science
  • The tagline always appears in English; it's never translated.
  • The tagline appears in the blue bar on collateral pieces—such as application brochures, data sheets, and industry fact sheets—and on the home page of It may also be used on signage and posters.
  • Words may not be substituted—for example, do not write "Accelerating the pace of aerospace and defense."

Company Brief Description

  • The company brief description is used as a statement in text—for example, in the company mission statement and in press releases. There is a short version (which is also the company tagline) and an expanded version (which should be used only in prose and not as an alternative tagline).

    Short: Accelerating the pace of engineering and science

    Expanded: Accelerating the pace of discovery, innovation, development, and learning in engineering and science

  • Either version may be embedded in a sentence—for example, "MathWorks is dedicated to accelerating the pace of engineering and science worldwide."
  • When using the expanded version:

    Do not change any of the words—for example, do not write "Accelerating the pace of design, invention, understanding, and creativity in …"

    Always include the words "discovery, innovation, development, and learning," and always in that order.

Keep it in English or translate?

See the translation list for terms to keep in English and terms to translate.