The MathWorks Brand Style Guide

Referring to the Products

General Rules

  • Do not use the definite article with any product name.

    Example: Write "Wavelet Toolbox", not "the Wavelet Toolbox."

  • Do not abbreviate any product name.

    Example: Spell out "Parallel Computing Toolbox"; do not write "PCT."

  • Do not use the possessive form of a product name.

    Example: Use "the functions in MATLAB" or "the MATLAB functions," not "MATLAB's functions."

  • Do not hyphenate a trademarked term.

    Example: Write "Books based on MATLAB," not "MATLAB-based books."

  • (Print only) Include the following copyright and trademark notice at the end of the document:

    © 2014 The MathWorks, Inc. MATLAB and Simulink are registered trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc. See for a list of additional trademarks. Other product or brand names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

See the complete list of official product names; for taglines, go to the individual product page.

MATLAB and Simulink Student Version

  • “MATLAB” is in all caps.“Simulink Student Version” is in title caps.
  • Do not use an ampersand in text references. The ampersand is correct only in the “MATLAB & Simulink STUDENT VERSION” wordmark.
  • Always use the full name on the first reference. On subsequent references, the abbreviated form, Student Version, may be used. Student Version always takes title caps.
  • The release number, if required, goes at the end—for example, MATLAB and Simulink Student Version R2014a.
  • To call out the Japanese version, use “MATLAB and Simulink Student Version R2014a (Japanese language edition)” or “MATLAB and Simulink Student Version R2014a (日本語版),” as appropriate.

Blockset, Builder, Coder, System Toolbox, and Toolbox Products


  • First reference: Use capital "B" and the full product name (for example, "Signal Processing Blockset")
  • Second reference: the blockset (lowercase "b")
  • Subsequent references: the blockset, the product, or the software


  • First reference: Use capital "B" and the full product name (for example,"MATLAB Builder JA")
  • Second reference: the MATLAB builder (lowercase "b")
  • Subsequent references: the builder, the product, or the software


  • First reference: Use capital "C" and the full product name (for example, "MATLAB Coder")
  • Subsequent references: the product or the software

System Toolbox

  • First reference: Use capital "S" and "T" and full product name (for example,"DSP System Toolbox")
  • Subsequent references: the system toolbox, the product, or the software


  • First reference: Use capital "T" and full product name (for example,"Neural Network Toolbox")
  • Subsequent references: the toolbox, the product, or the software

Product Families

MathWorks produces three product families: MATLAB, Simulink, and Polyspace. Follow these standards when referring to MathWorks products:

MATLAB product family, Simulink product family, and Polyspace product family

  • Lowercase “product family” unless used in a title or header or on a book cover.
  • Do not use “family of products.”

MATLAB and Simulink product families

  • Use as an alternative way to refer to the broad set of products.
  • Use the plural.
  • Do not write “the MATLAB and Simulink family of products.”
  • Do not use an ampersand between MATLAB and Simulink.
  • Note: In Japanese text, it is acceptable to write "MATLAB/Simulink" to represent the MathWorks product set, as in "MathWorks customers use MATLAB/Simulink in automotive, aerospace..."

Application-Specific Product Groups

  • Do not refer to groups of products (such as products for physical modeling, deployment, code generation, and parallel computing) as a family or a suite.
  • To define these groups, use the appropriate product category to modify a generic noun such as products or software.


    Write this: Simulink products for physical modeling
    Not this: MathWorks physical modeling suite

    Write this: MATLAB and Simulink verification and validation products
    Not this: MathWorks verification and validation product family

Polyspace Products

To refer to the product set, use"Polyspace products" or "the Polyspace product family." Do not write just "Polyspace."

Polyspace link products:

  • Always use full product name, as follows: Polyspace Model Link SL, Polyspace Model Link TL, Polyspace UML Link RH.

Polyspace client and server products:

  • Use full product names on first reference, as follows: Polyspace Client for C/C++, Polyspace Server for C/C++, Polyspace Client for Ada, Polyspace Server for Ada.
  • [Optional] On subsequent references, use Polyspace products for C/C++ or Polyspace products for Ada.

Third-Party Products

  • Hyphenate "third-party."
  • Do not use "partner products."
  • If the context requires a more specific term, use "third-party products based on MATLAB and Simulink."

Release and Version Numbers

  • Use neither version number nor release number on web pages that provide general, non-release specific information (e.g., product pages).
  • Use release number but not version number on release-specific web pages for which version would add no value (e.g., documentation pages).
  • Use both release and version numbers when it is important to know the exact product version for a specific release (e.g., latest features pages; downloading web vs. shipped version of a product).

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