MATLAB®  and Simulink®  products help engineers design and simulate communications systems with greater speed and accuracy. Using both detailed low-level models as well as higher-level behavioral abstractions, communications engineers can implement the desired level of model fidelity and run-time performance from within a single environment. MATLAB and Simulink streamline design flows by helping engineers to:

  • Design and simulate communications algorithms and systems using top-down design methodologies
  • Combine digital, analog/mixed-signal, and RF domains in a single system model
  • Design, simulate, and verify complex systems using standards such as LTE
  • Prototype designs with connections to hardware such as USRP® to enable radio-in-the-loop design

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Communications Infrastructure

Tools for designing and simulating wireless network infrastructure and base stations.

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Mobile Devices

Software solutions for the design and simulation of sophisticated mobile platforms.

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Optical and Wireline Networks

System-level solutions for modeling the latest high speed digital links and interconnects.

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