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Vehicle Exhibitor

BPG Werks engineers are scheduled to display the UNO III and will be presenting at the MathWorks Automotive Conference.

What is the UNO III? A two-wheeled dicycle or three-wheeled street bike? Both! The all-electric UNO III is the world's first transformer. In "UNO" mode (low speed riding), the rider is self-balanced by a gyroscopic tilt system and travels on its hind, parallel wheels. The tilt system creates a nimbleness for tight turns and even allows the user to nearly '360' in place.

For higher speeds, a "hidden" third wheel deploys mid-flight and transforms the vehicle from a two-wheeler to three. During this transition, the hind wheels move back and together while the deployed wheel becomes the front wheel, turning the UNO into a conventional motorcycle. The bike is small enough to fit in an elevator but stable enough to handle morning rush hour. We invite you to experience the UNO III in person at the conference.




BPG Werks (BPG) is a North American company founded by Benjamin Gulak and Ryan Fairhead. The company’s main objective is simple – to innovate with function and form.

Known for The UNO concept bikes and all-terrain DTV Shredder, BPG’s progressive thinking continues to forge a distinguished path while capturing people’s imagination all over the world.