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MathWorks Automotive Conference 2012, Stuttgart

Model-Based Design and AUTOSAR: Overkill or Silver Bullet for Managing Complexity?

Dr. Andreas Titze, Volkswagen

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Model-Based Design and AUTOSAR are established tools in automotive software development. However, critics continue to blame both paradigms for the increasing demand in resources. This keynote presentation gives some answers to the question of managing complexity from a Volkswagen point of view.

Keynote by Volkswagen: Model-Based Design and AUTOSAR: Overkill or Silver Bullet for Managing Complexity?35:20
Automobili Lamborghini: Development of the Variable Valve Control for the Lamborghini Aventador16:56
Carts: Unique Design for Position Feedback Setup in a PMSM for a Hybrid Driveline21:29
CEESAR and RWTH Aachen: Data Processing Framework Supporting Large-Scale Driving Data Analysis28:28
Continental Automotive: gravis – An HMI Design Platform with Simulink Integration23:51
Continental Automotive and ETAS: Efficient Validation and Verification of SDA Models via On-Target Bypass with ETAS EHOOKS21:08
DAF Trucks and MonkeyProof Solutions: Verification and Validation of Embedded Software Systems at DAF Trucks30:09
Daimler: Refactoring of Simulink Models31:52
DENSO CORPORATION: Managing Complexity Using Model-Based Design in the Context of Application Life-Cycle Management33:09
Elektrobit Automotive: Freedom from Run-Time Errors for AUTOSAR-Based ECU Software32:44
FEV and RWTH Aachen: Customizing Modeling Guideline Checks Within a Continuous Integration Framework for Automotive Model-Based Control Software Development21:50
Ford Motor Company and TECOSIM: Multidisciplinary Design Optimization with MATLAB in a Time-Constrained Development Process20:25
IAV and Volkswagen: AUTOSAR-Compliant Development of a Drive Select Function with Model-Based Design22:06
Mercedes-AMG: AMG Automation Tool for Engine Calibration25:54
Renault: Design of a Functional Size Measurement Tool for Real-Time Embedded Software Requirements Expressed Using a Simulink Model19:01
Robert Bosch: Application of MathWorks Tools for Bosch eBike System Development19:55
Volvo Cars Corp.: Model-Based Development as a Key Element for Continuous Deployment Within Electric Propulsion Systems26:15

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