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MathWorks Energy Tour 2011

MathWorks Energy Tour 2011 Proceedings

Engineers, scientists, and analysts from the Australian energy industry came together at the MathWorks Energy Tour 2011 to learn how MATLAB® and Simulink® are used to address the challenges created by a rapidly evolving energy landscape. The tour showcased real-world examples of how professionals use MathWorks solutions to evaluate energy resources, develop systems for power generation and distribution, model energy markets, and optimise operational and trading strategies based on rapidly increasing volumes of data.

Sessions covered these application areas:

  • Electric utilities
  • Electric grid technologies
  • Power generation
  • Solar and wind power
  • Energy trading

Download the event proceedings to learn how you can use MATLAB and Simulink to improve workflow efficiency, gain new insight into business and technical challenges, and support innovation.

Proceedings are available for the following sessions:

  • Optional Primer: An Overview of MATLAB and the MATLAB Product Family
  • Optional Primer: An Overview of Simulink and the Simulink Product Family
  • Automated Data Access, Analysis, and Reporting
  • Constrained Optimisation in MATLAB: A Framework for N-1-1 Contingency Analysis and Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow
  • Electricity Load Forecasting for the Australian Market
  • MathWorks Technology in the Energy Sector
  • Modelling Wind Power Grid Integration
  • Parameter Estimation and Model Validation of Generator/Excitation Systems
  • Supplementing Variable Generation with Energy Storage

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