MATLAB Tour 2011: Videos and Presentations Now Available

The MATLAB Tour 2011 was a series of one-day events that highlighted new capabilities in MATLAB® and Simulink®.

The keynote presentation highlighted how continuing advances in technical computing and Model-Based Design are driving new opportunities in engineering and science. MathWorks technical managers showed key new features and capabilities in MATLAB and Simulink. Deeper technical talks covered topics such as:

  • Applied data fitting
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Best practices for large-scale modeling
  • FPGA and ASIC prototyping
  • Generating, verifying, and integrating C code
  • Computer vision
Tour Locations and Dates
City Date City Date
Boston, Massachusetts Monday, 26 September Cologne, Germany Wednesday, 26 October
Manchester, UK Tuesday, 27 September Ulm, Germany Thursday, 27 October
Reading, UK Wednesday, 28 September Copenhagen, Denmark Thursday, 27 October
Milan, Italy Tuesday, 4 October St. Petersburg, Russia Tuesday, 8 November
Utrecht, Netherlands Wednesday, 5 October Novosibirsk, Russia Thursday, 10 November
Zurich, Switzerland Thursday, 6 October Madrid, Spain Tuesday, 15 November
Helsinki, Finland Tuesday, 11 October San Jose, California Tuesday, 15 November
Trondheim, Norway Thursday, 13 October Krakow, Poland Wednesday, 16 November
Paris, France Friday, 21 October Los Angeles, California Wednesday, 16 November
Stockholm, Sweden Tuesday, 25 October Ankara, Turkey Thursday, 17 November
Vienna, Austria Tuesday, 25 October Dallas, Texas Thursday, 17 November