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MATLAB Virtual Conference



Argonne National Laboratory, in collaboration with General Motors as part of the USDRIVE Partnership, has developed an innovative plug-and-play software architecture called Autonomie. This software has been designed to accelerate the development and introduction of advanced technologies through Model-Based Design.


COMSOL is the creator of COMSOL Multiphysics, a software environment for the modeling and simulation of physics-based systems. A particular strength of this environment is its ability to account for multiphysics phenomena. Optional modules add discipline-specific tools for mechanical, fluid, electromagnetic, and chemical simulations, as well as CAD interoperability.

Eigenvector Research

Eigenvector Research (EVRI) creates tools that allow users to transform data into information with the answers they need. EVRI is a single source for chemometrics and multivariate analysis software, consulting, and training. They are experts in problem solving – from developing experimental plans and analyzing and modeling data to implementing solutions.

EUtech Scientific Engineering

EUtech Scientific Engineering is a full-service independent supplier of advanced engineering technology. With expertise in designing, developing, and projecting tailored solutions, the company caters to a broad range of industries and markets, including automotive, power generating, and other industrial sectors. The portfolio includes the Thermolib software toolbox, turnkey testing systems, and full-fledged instrumentation products.


Nutaq is a leader in DSP- and FPGA-based boards and systems for the wireless, scientific, and defense markets. Nutaq’s tools for Model-Based Design enable customers to design, simulate, test, debug, and deploy applications from the Simulink graphical environment without the need to write any VHDL® or C code.


Speedgoat is a highly specialized solution provider of real-time target computer hardware, which with xPC Target™ from MathWorks forms a turnkey solution for real-time simulation and testing using Simulink. Engineers worldwide use these solutions to continuously prototype and implement new ideas and prove designs at the earliest stages.

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