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Thursday, 30 September

Time Sessions Master Classes
09:00 Registration  
09:45 Welcome
Sham Ahmed, Managing Director, MathWorks
10:00 MATLAB 2010: Key Trends and Future Directions
Joe Hicklin, MathWorks
10:45 How Weather Affects Sales: Using MATLAB to Improve Tesco's Supply Chain
Tom Hebbert, Tesco
11:15 Coffee  
11:45 Harnessing the Power of the Graphics Processor for Parallel Computing with MATLAB
Jos Martin, MathWorks
Incorporating Symbolic Calculations into MATLAB with Symbolic Math Toolbox
Adrienne James, MathWorks
Developing, Deploying, and Integrating Production-Quality Applications
Sam Roberts, MathWorks
12:30 Systems Biology in Drug Discovery
Hitesh Mistry, AstraZeneca
13:00 Lunch  
14:00 Research at the Speed of Science: Clearing the Analysis Bottleneck
Sam Roberts, MathWorks
Parallel Computing with MATLAB
John Walley, MathWorks
Implementing Computer Vision and Video Processing Algorithms
Marta Wilczkowiak, MathWorks
14:45 The Final Tenths: How MATLAB Makes McLaren Faster
Chris Laws, McLaren
15:15 Coffee  
15:45 Using MATLAB to Scale Index Calculations Through Grids
Matt Francis, FTSE
16:15 MATLAB, the Web, and the World: A Discussion of Recent and Upcoming Improvements to MATLAB Central
Ned Gulley, MathWorks
17:00 Networking  
18:00 Close  

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