Making Custom Measurements Using MATLAB

Seminar Overview

Making Custom Measurements Using MATLAB

Increasing complexities in electronic circuit, component, and system designs drive the need to make equally complex, application-specific measurements. Such custom measurements require engineers to use more than just the out-the-box acquisition and analysis capabilities provided by vendors of instruments or other data acquisition equipment.

Come to this free seminar and learn how to use MATLAB to acquire and analyze data, build applications, generate code for testing and debugging, and make custom measurements using MATLAB tools embedded into advanced instruments. MathWorks and LeCroy have teamed up to introduce methods for making custom measurements that enable you to gain faster insight into your designs.

MATLAB R2013a will be shown at this seminar. Attendees will see the recently released MATLAB Desktop in action, including the MATLAB Toolstrip for accessing commonly used functionality, the MATLAB apps gallery for finding in-product and user-written apps, and the new online Documentation Center.

Three hours with experts from MathWorks and LeCroy can save you many future days of engineering time. If you need to make measurements that go beyond the basic math and parameters contained in a digital scope, learn faster ways to create custom measurements and reports, or if you want to optimize the execution speed of your measurements, this free seminar may provide the answers you seek.