Implementing Measurement and Analysis Techniques using MATLAB

Seminar Overview


How do you create increasingly complex electronics, components, and systems when development and testing cycles are decreasing? Technical personnel need proven tools and techniques for streamlining the build, prototype, and test process.

Come to this free technical seminar and learn how you can use MATLAB to acquire, analyze, and visualize data, develop applications, control hardware, and automate measurement and analysis. Learn how to use Tektronix instruments to verify, characterize, and test your electronic designs. You will see how combining MATLAB and Tektronix instruments enables you to make customized measurements that would otherwise be too time consuming or not possible at all.

MATLAB R2013b will be shown at this seminar. Attendees will see the recently redesigned MATLAB Desktop in action, including the MATLAB Toolstrip for accessing commonly used functionality, the MATLAB apps gallery for finding in-product and user-written apps, and access to the new online Documentation Center.

MathWorks and Tektronix have teamed up to show you tools and techniques for making application-specific measurements. Through live demonstrations, examples, and user testimonials, you will learn how to measure, perform detailed data analysis, and develop interactive and automated systems.