Tour the New MATLAB Desktop and the New Simulink Editor New

Seminar Overview

Mathematical Modeling

Major updates for both MATLAB and Simulink have shipped in Release 2012b.  Join us at this free, half-day event to receive a guided tour of these new versions.

For MATLAB, the event will review:

  • The MATLAB Toolstrip
  • MATLAB Apps gallery
  • Redesigned help system

For Simulink, the event will also cover:

  • The new Simulink Editor
  • Support for team-based collaboration workflows
  • Efficient component-based modeling
  • New analysis and simulation testing tools
  • Built-in support to run models directly on low-cost target hardware

All of these new features make modeling and simulation a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Whether you are an existing user, or completely new to the tools attend this seminar, see the new version and envision the possibilities for you and your colleagues to leverage MATLAB and Simulink 2012b!