Trading and Risk Management with MATLAB New

Seminar Overview

Energy Trading and Risk Management with MATLAB

Featuring examples from Energy trading

MathWorks products are used to respond to changing demands and operational constraints by developing and adapting models that manage energy assets and build commodity trading strategies.

By attending this free seminar, you will learn how MATLAB can be used to streamline the development of energy trading and risk management applications from inception to deployment. Using a case study to demonstrate a portfolio of power commodities, MathWorks engineers will show how to:

  • Import energy data from multiple sources
  • Model and simulate prices
  • Calculate optimal dispatch
  • Compute cash-flow-at-risk for a portfolio
  • Deploy an energy trading application as an Excel add-in

Whether energy trading or risk management is core to your job or if you are simply interested in developing algorithms to optimize performance, building graphical applications, or seeing what others in the energy industry are doing with MATLAB; this seminar will be ideal for you.