Image Processing and Computer Vision with MATLAB

Seminar Overview

Image Processing Image

Come to this free seminar to learn how to use MATLAB® software to create innovative image processing and computer vision solutions. Learn how to explore images and video, perform analyses, develop algorithms, optimize performance, and design systems.

During this half-day seminar, Dr. Brett Shoelson, a MathWorks engineer specializing in image processing and algorithm design, will deliver an introduction to MATLAB, Image Processing Toolbox, Computer Vision System Toolbox, Image Acquisition Toolbox and other tools.

Specific demonstrations with real-world examples will show you how to:

  • Follow an image from input through report and GUI generation with a simple image processing demo
  • Improve performance with parallel computing
  • Use features (corners, SURF, etc.) for image registration and video stabilization
  • Perform stereo image rectification
  • Detect faces in live video from a camera
  • Generate C code from your MATLAB algorithm
  • Create a custom object detector to find stop signs in a series of images