C Code Generation with MATLAB Coder for Signal Processing Systems New

Seminar Overview

MATLAB for System Design and C Code Generation

Attend this free seminar to learn about new MATLAB capabilities – including System Toolboxes and MATLAB Coder – that will improve your signal processing and communications engineering workflows.

Learn about DSP and Communications System toolboxes that support streaming signal processing and enable you to simulate your designs faster and perform design verification with large data sets directly in MATLAB. Discover how you can use MATLAB Coder – a product that generates standard ANSI C code directly from your MATLAB algorithms – to integrate your algorithms into existing C code programs, deploy them onto embedded devices, or compile them into standalone executables. Explore the many options and technologies for accelerating your simulations including efficient algorithms, code generation, parallel computing, GPU, and cluster-enabled acceleration.

Examples shown in the seminar presentation may include filter design, audio equalizer, acoustic noise cancellation, phased array and radar systems, video stabilization, 3G wireless receiver and modem design, and 4G/LTE technologies such as MIMO, OFDM and QPSK.

After attending this session, you’ll understand the range of design approaches possible with MATLAB, when to use each, and why.