Simulink: Real-Time Testing for AC Motor Control New

Seminar Overview

BNL_2013-05-16_Code Gen Day_Leuven_BE

In this free half-day seminar, MathWorks engineers will show how you can go beyond software-only simulation to quickly and efficiently test your Simulink control designs in real time while connecting to hardware.  We’ll look closely at a brushless AC motor control example and demonstrate how a controls or test engineer can easily characterize and validate motor models, tune and validate controller models, and test designs in real-time.

This seminar will cover the following topics:

  • Designing a motor control system with Simulink and SimPowerSystems
  • Real-time simulation and testing using xPC Target and xPC Target Turnkey
  • Characterizing and modeling an AC motor
  • Designing and tuning a controller to achieve optimal closed-loop performance
  • Testing the controller in real-time with the actual motor and power electronics