Simulink: Real-Time Testing for AC Motor Control New

Seminar Overview


In this free half-day seminar, MathWorks engineers show you how you can go beyond software-only simulation to quickly and efficiently test your Simulink® control designs in real time while connecting to hardware. Using a brushless AC motor control example, we demonstrate how you can easily characterize and validate motor models, tune and validate controller models, and test designs in real time.

This seminar covers the following typical workflow tasks using Simulink products:

  • Designing a motor control system with Simulink and SimPowerSystems™
  • Performing real-time simulation and testing using xPC Target™ and xPC Target Turnkey
  • Characterizing and modeling an AC motor
  • Designing and tuning a controller to achieve optimal closed-loop performance
  • Testing the controller in real time with the actual motor and power electronics

Demonstration Booth: From Prototyping to Production

Are you interested in extending your adoption of Model-Based Design from real-time testing with prototyping hardware into a production-oriented development environment? Visit the booth outside the seminar room, where a MathWorks engineer will show an example of an AC motor system controlled by a production-grade fixed-point ECU that was developed using the motor hardware and control algorithm Simulink models shown in the seminar.