Creating and Analyzing Communications and Navigation Systems using MATLAB New

Seminar Overview

Creating and Analyzing Communications and Navigation Systems using MATLAB

Generating, measuring, and analyzing communications signals have become increasingly complex due to the complexity of proprietary and new standard waveforms along with the requirements to convey additional information in a limited spectrum.  Software and hardware solutions are needed to work with these complex signals in a time efficient manner.

Come to this new, free technical seminar and learn how to use MATLAB to:

  • Generate, acquire, analyze, and visualize a variety of waveforms
  • Build automated GUI-based applications to perform circuit characterization
  • Create a software receiver to acquire and analyze BeiDou and GPS signals
  • Generate and visualize IQ constellation diagrams and measure error vector magnitude (EVM)

The BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, also known as COMPASS, is an emerging navigation system that is already partially deployed and is expected to be fully operational within the next decade.  Engineers, researchers, and other personnel that need to understand how to work with signals from these systems may also obtain significant value from this event.   

MATLAB R2013b will be shown at this seminar for the first time. Attendees will see the recently redesigned MATLAB Desktop in action, including the MATLAB Toolstrip for accessing commonly used functionality, the MATLAB apps gallery for finding in-product and user-written apps, and access to the new online Documentation Center.