Verifying the Safety of Automotive Software

Seminar Overview

Verifying the Safety of Automotive Software

Learn how to use Polyspace static analysis tools to find bugs, prove robustness and reliability, and prevent escaped defects in your critical automotive software - early in development, before a single test is run.  Using a unique formal-method approach called abstract interpretation, Polyspace analyzes all possible executions of your code to find runtime errors, including edge cases and corner cases that other verification techniques miss.  Polyspace analyzes source code without execution or test cases, and does not require a linkable or runnable application.  You can use Polyspace to verify AUTOSAR components and as part of your ISO 26262 certification process.  Learn how you can use Polyspace to increase reliability and confidence, without increasing testing. 

  • Quickly find bugs in your code
  • Enforce MISRA coding rule standards
  • Prove your software safe from run-time errors
  • Certify software to the ISO 26262 safety standard
  • Trace verification results from generated code to Simulink models

Polyspace Code Prover proves that your software is safe from overflow, divide-by-zero, out-of-bounds array access, and other critical run-time errors.  Along with Polyspace Bug Finder, you can check for MISRA compliance, identify programming errors and data flow problems. You can use Polyspace with handwritten code or generated code from Simulink to help you quickly analyze and produce reports. Polyspace helps you trace code verification results, including MISRA, from the code to the model.