The Embedded Vision Summit West 2014

The Embedded Vision Summit West 2014 is a full day of “how-to” presentations, product and technology demos, and inspiring and insightful talks by industry leaders in one of the hottest areas of innovation today—embedded vision—“machines that see and understand.” Organized by leaders in embedded vision technology, the Summit serves as a technical educational forum for engineers interested in incorporating visual intelligence into electronic systems and software.

The Embedded Vision Summit West 2014 will:

  • Provide engaging, high-quality technical presentations that will inspire you to create new products that use embedded vision technology
  • Offer practical know-how to help you incorporate vision capabilities into your designs
  • Provide opportunities to meet and talk with leading embedded vision technology suppliers and technologists, and see exciting demos of some of the latest technology

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Locations & Dates

San Clara, CA
29 May 2014