Design Automation Conference (DAC)

New for 2014, the Automotive Village is the center for tool providers, OEM's and leading automobile manufactures to meet, talk, listen and learn from each other. Exhibit floor is open Monday - Wednesday from 9am- 6pm. Exhibits are open to all conference attendees.

The Automotive Track and Village at DAC 2014 puts you at the center of the discussions that will shape the future of electronic design and the automotive industry.

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Title: Automating the Automobile
Date: Tuesday, June 3
Time: 9:00am
Speakers: Jim Tung, MathWorks Fellow
James Buczkowski, Henry Ford Technical Fellow - Ford Motor Company
Will the future generations of automobiles be completely autonomous? Possibly. Will they be substantially more automated? Absolutely. This immense increase in automobile automation will span many dimensions – including safety, connectivity, and infotainment.  Many technologies will need to come together across the automotive supply chain for this vision to become a reality.
Jim Tung of MathWorks and Jim Buczkowski of Ford Motor Company will explore the key trends that are shaping the future of automobiles. They will examine what it will take to design the electronics that will power the automation from complementary viewpoints – the vision and needs of an automobile manufacturer; and the future of electronic design automation tools and technologies that will enable these innovations.
Semiconductor and electronics technologies will continue to push the limits of hardware and software co-design and integration of sensors, mathematics, and algorithms. Safety, communication, navigation, and entertainment applications onboard the next generation automobiles will require taut integration with semiconductors, and design tools that enable streamlined design and verification of hardware and software implementations.

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1 Jun 2014