Upcoming Webinar

Using MATLAB to Develop and Deploy Financial Models

Financial professionals worldwide use MATLAB and other MathWorks tools to rapidly develop financial models and freely deploy customized algorithms to decision makers such as investment managers, actuaries, and traders.

Find out how MATLAB can help you significantly reduce the time it takes to analyze financial data and develop custom financial models.

The webinar will also briefly cover the many options MathWorks provides for accessing financial data and deploying applications.

Target group: Quantitative analysts / financial engineers at banks, investment firms, energy trading, and insurers, who develop quantitative models to perform economic/finance research, make investment decisions, develop financial products, conduct trading and manage risk.

Webinar Highlights include:

  • A quick overview of the MATLAB environment
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Forecasting and option pricing
  • Monte Carlo simulation

Product Focus

  • Financial Toolbox™