Upcoming Webinar

Cluster Computing for MATLAB Users

Learn how MATLAB Distributed Computing Server™ works with Parallel Computing Toolbox™ to speed up MATLAB applications by using cluster computing hardware. You will learn how minimal changes to your code and workflow will allow you to take advantage of hardware beyond your desktop.

About the Presenter:
Nicholas Ide joined MathWorks in October 2011 as a Technical Product Manager.  He received a B.S. from Pennsylvania State University and an M.S. from North Carolina State University, both in Mathematics. His experience in MATLAB comes from extensive use in the Defense Industry, where he worked as a data analyst, algorithm developer, and engineering manager.  Before the advent of MathWorks parallel computing tools, Nicholas developed his own MATLAB-based coarse-grain parallel computing framework to analyze data with developing algorithms.

Please allow 60 minutes for the presentation and Q&A session.

Product Focus

  • MATLAB Distributed Computing Server™
  • Parallel Computing Toolbox™