Upcoming Webinar

PID Control Made Easy

PID control is ubiquitous. While simple in theory, design and tuning of PID controllers can be difficult and time consuming in practice. The webinar will start with a quick theory primer on PID control. MathWorks engineers will then introduce a simple and straightforward way to quickly design, tune, and implement PID controllers. Through demonstrations, you will learn how to tune PID controllers for control systems in various industries, and how to address various practical considerations such as conversion from continuous to discrete-time domain, output saturation, anti-windup protection, gain-scheduling, and tuning for disturbance rejection.

View MATLAB code here.

About the Presenter: Arkadiy Turevskiy works in the technical marketing group at MathWorks supporting Simulink and control design products. Prior to joining MathWorks he worked at Pratt & Whitney where he developed control systems for large aircraft engines.

Product Focus

  • Simulink®
  • Simulink® Control Design™