Upcoming Webinar

Mixed-Signal Verification with MATLAB & Simulink

Top-down design can help improve and shorten the mixed-signal verification process. This webinar shows practical examples of the use of top-down verification with MATLAB & Simulink and provides examples of industrial adoption. The webinar explains why top-down design improves verification.

We’ll use a number of examples and case studies to illustrate verification using top-down design including:

  • ADC design using executable specifications
  • Verifying SPICE and HDL models using top-down design
  • Device testing using instrument control and test vector generation from top-down models.

The examples used in the webinar will be made available to attendees.  Please allow 30 minutes for the presentation and Q&A session.

About the Presenter:

Mike Woodward is the communications and semiconductor industry marketing manager at MathWorks. He has degrees in Semiconductor and Microwave Physics and has been active in the communications and semiconductor industry for many years. Mike worked on the transmission infrastructure for the UK’s commercial DAB transmission network, a project that was awarded the British Computer Society’s IT Award for Excellence in 2000. He has also worked on audio processing and has several audio processing patents. Over the last few years, he has been working on mixed-signal design at MathWorks and has written a number of articles on system-level mixed-signal design.