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2007 Simulink World Tour

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In Korea, UK, and the Netherlands all sessions will start and end one hour later than the times listed here.

08:30 Registration
09:00 Simulink 7 and Future Directions

Extended Demonstrations


Multi-domain modeling with Simulink — Hybrid vehicle example

In this presentation, we will develop and simulate a multi-domain model of a hybrid electric vehicle.  Using the new Simscape™ product with Simulink, we will model the mechanical, and electrical components of a vehicle to investigate different control strategies, and design trade-offs.  The demonstration will also include new features in the Simulink product family for designing and implementing mode-logic and fixed-point arithmetic in the controller algorithms.


System Modeling with multiple levels of fidelity – Wireless multimedia example

In this presentation, we will show how SimEvents® can be used to model the load on system resources for a wireless multimedia application, and in turn, used to drive the design of the system using the Communications Products. Design robustness will also be evaluated using Monte Carlo Analysis with System Test™.

10:30 Break

Design Verification with Simulink — Lunar lander example

In this presentation, we show new features in the Simulink product family for verifying requirements, validating control logic against system models, and generating and testing safety-critical flight code.  To illustrate, we will develop and test a model of Project Constellation — NASA's program to develop a new generation of spacecraft that can transport crew and cargo to the moon and beyond.


Generating embedded code from MATLAB and Simulink — Video tracking example

In this presentation, we will design an object tracking system and generate embedded C and HDL code from Simulink models and Embedded MATLAB™ algorithms. An embedded real-time video processing and camera control application will be the basis of this demonstration.

12:00 Lunch

Master Classes (held concurrently)


Power Tips for Using Simulink, Stateflow and Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder on Large Projects

In this class, we will examine industry best practices for major capabilities introduced in recent years that support using Simulink, Stateflow, and Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder for large scale applications. Practical examples and industry workflows will be emphasized. Key topics include:

  • Using model referencing and busses with component–based modeling techniques
  • Performing version control and configuration management
  • Applying model patterns that yield clear designs and generate efficient code
  • Managing large data sets associated with your model and code
  • Running simulations as efficiently as possible
  • Adapting Simulink to your environment, including customizing user interfaces and automating model guideline checks

Algorithm Design and Code Generation with Embedded MATLAB

Embedded MATLAB consists of a set of over 250 MATLAB functions that can now be compiled into efficient, numerically reliable C code for embedded processors.

In this class, we will use practical examples to explore new capabilities and uses of Embedded MATLAB:

  • Developing and validating algorithms using Embedded MATLAB
  • Using Embedded MATLAB algorithms in Simulink, Stateflow, and SimEvents
  • Creating and simulating fixed-point designs in MATLAB and Simulink.
  • Using Real-Time Workshop® to generate C code from Embedded MATLAB algorithms
15:00 Wrap-up, Activities, and Networking

Review the day, enjoy an interactive exercise, and meet other Tour guests.

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