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2007 Simulink World Tour

At this free one-day event — in 28 cities worldwide — attendees got an in-depth view of what’s new in Simulink and Embedded MATLAB™ with Release 2007b. They saw recently introduced products for physical modeling, discrete event simulation, formal model verification, and HDL code generation.

Senior software engineers from The MathWorks showed extended demos highlighting powerful new features:

  • Simulation acceleration using compiled C code and dual-core processors
  • Normal mode model reference for large-scale modeling
  • Continuous-time modeling in Stateflow®
  • Code optimization and tracing between models and generated code
  • Generating C code from Embedded MATLAB code directly at the MATLAB command line

New Master Classes.  In the afternoon Master Classes, attendees explored new Simulink capabilities in detail:

  • Power Tips for Using Simulink, Stateflow® and Real-Time Workshop® Embedded Coder on Large Projects
  • Algorithm Design and Code Generation with Embedded MATLAB

Who Should Attend 

This event was designed for all Simulink users. It was also recommended for MATLAB users who either work on embedded system development projects, or on other projects where Simulink is used.

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Seoul, South Korea 6 Sep, 2007
Beijing, China 11 Sep, 2007
Adelaide, Australia 11 Sep, 2007
Shanghai, China 13 Sep, 2007
Melbourne, Australia 13 Sep, 2007
Hsinchu, Taiwan 18 Sep, 2007
Bangalore, India 21 Sep, 2007
Los Angeles CA, US 25 Sep, 2007
Aurora CO, US 25 Sep, 2007
San Jose CA, US 27 Sep, 2007
Houston TX, US 27 Sep, 2007
Veldhoven, Netherlands 2 Oct, 2007
Falls Church VA, US 2 Oct, 2007
Penang, Malaysia 2 Oct, 2007
Madrid, Spain 3 Oct, 2007
Burlington MA, US 4 Oct, 2007
Singapore, Singapore 5 Oct, 2007
Milan, Italy 9 Oct, 2007
Downers Grove IL, US 9 Oct, 2007
Gothenburg, Sweden 10 Oct, 2007
Espoo, Finland 11 Oct, 2007
Dortmund, Germany 16 Oct, 2007
Zurich, Switzerland 17 Oct, 2007
Munich, Germany 23 Oct, 2007
Birmingham, UK 24 Oct, 2007
Paris, France 25 Oct, 2007
Tel Aviv, Israel 29 Oct, 2007
Moscow, Russia 1 Nov, 2007

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