College Recruiting Schedule and Events

College Days at MathWorks

Throughout the year MathWorks invites students to visit the corporate headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, for a day of interviews, presentations, discussions, and demonstrations. Students meet recent graduates who work in the Engineering Development Group and alumni of the program who work in other areas of the company, and they experience firsthand a typical day at MathWorks.

To be considered for attendance at a College Day, apply directly online for a position with the Engineering Development Group.

College Days at MathWorks

Career Fairs and Events

Look for MathWorks at the following career fairs on local campuses this fall.

Location/Event Date
Georgia Institute of Technology CS Fair 8 September 2014
Georgia Institute of Technology ECE Fair 9 September 2014
Texas A&M University 9 September 2014
Carnegie Mellon University 15 September 2014
University of Minnesota 16 September 2014
Cornell University 17 September 2014
Worcester Polytechnic Institute 17 September 2014
Penn State University 18 September 2014
University of Maryland 18 September 2014
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 19 September 2014
University of Michigan 22 September 2014
University of Wisconsin 23 September 2014
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 23 September 2014
Ohio State University 24 September 2014
University of Pittsburgh 24 September 2014
Dartmouth College 25 September 2014
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 26 September 2014
University of Texas at Dallas 26 September 2014
Michigan Technological University 30 September 2014
Arizona State University 1 October 2014
Boston University 1 October 2014
Rochester Institute of Technology 1 October 2014
University of Massachusetts Amherst  1 October 2014
Johns Hopkins University 2 October 2014
Northeastern University 2 October 2014
Purdue University 6 October 2014
University of Southern California 8 October 2014
Northwestern University 16 October 2014