Staying Curious Is Part of the Job at MathWorks

MathWorks culture is one that fosters lifelong learning and self-improvement. Some of what you learn will be in a classroom, but much of it is built in to the culture. You will be encouraged to expose yourself to new things, look for ways to apply what you have learned, and develop your leadership skills.

Here is just a taste of what MathWorks offers to students:

  • Lifelong learning: In addition to technical training and tuition reimbursement, you will have a mentor and access to leadership and professional training, as well as health and wellness programs.
  • Benefits and perks: MathWorks offers the usual benefits, and you can enjoy a range of extras, such as consumer discounts and specialty services to help you maintain your well-being.
  • Community support: All MathWorkers receive paid volunteer time so they can work in their local communities in personally fulfilling ways.
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