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  • Undergraduates Design, Build, and Control an Electric Diwheel

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  • Analyzing Terabytes of Raw MBES Data

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  • Cleve’s Corner: Simulating Blackjack with MATLAB

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GPU Programming in MATLAB

Run MATLAB code on a GPU by making a few simple changes to the code.

Improving Simulation Performance in Simulink

Use these techniques to make your model run faster.

Undergraduates Design, Build, and Control an Electric Diwheel

A challenging controls project gives students the skills of seasoned engineers.

Developing Sonar and Echosounder Data Analysis Software

Researchers process, analyze, and visualize terabytes of raw MBES data with Sonarscope software.

Improving RF Power Amplifier Efficiency

MATLAB based technology lets wireless base stations operate efficiently while minimizing spurious amplifier emissions.

Simulating a Piezoelectric-Actuated Hydraulic Pump

Engineers create a unique design and reduce development time by 50%.


Cleve’s Corner: Simulating blackjack with MATLAB

Cleve’s Corner

Simulating blackjack with MATLAB

Tips and Tricks: Writing MATLAB functions with flexible calling syntax

Tips and Tricks

Parsing inputs in MATLAB

Third-Party Products

Designing alternative energy systems

The New MATLAB Desktop

Find what you need—right on the toolstrip.

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The New Simulink Editor

Easily build, manage, and
navigate your Simulink and
Stateflow models.

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