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Using an oncology model as an example, this article describes a workflow for developing and deploying an application for simulating a mechanistic PK/PD model built using SimBiology.
Nov 2014
Engineers use MATLAB and Simulink to analyze image and signal data, design controls and signal processing algorithms, implement their designs in software after thorough verification and validation, and generate reports for standards compliance.
Aug 2014
This article illustrates a top-down methodology for the design and FPGA implementation of a DPD, from an algorithmic description DPD in MATLAB to design elaboration in Simulink and HDL code generation for FIL testing.
Jul 2014
This article describes how to modify an algorithm to run on a GPU, and then solve a geometric problem involving millions of lines and shapes in under a second.
Jul 2014
The Velocity Mapping Toolbox (VMT), built in MATLAB, enables the U.S. Geological Survey to rapidly process huge amounts of raw water-flow data.
Jun 2014
Using hedge fund data as an example, this article demonstrates how MATLAB® can be used to automate the process of acquiring and analyzing fraud detection data.
Jun 2014
Drexel nuclear engineering students use MATLAB to complete capstone design projects, including an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for radiation detection and a nuclear reactor simulator.
Mar 2014
As their fourth-year undergraduate capstone project, Penn students used MATLAB and Simulink to design and build Titan Arm, a controllable, wireless exoskeleton capable of lifting more than 40 pounds.
Jan 2014
Using a wind turbine blade as an example, this article describes a semi-automated way to create complex 3D mechanical structures using MATLAB and the General Extrusion shape in SimMechanics.
Nov 2013
Engineers and scientists connect MATLAB and Simulink to FPGAs, microprocessors, cameras, instruments, and other hardware to design, test, and verify systems that combine hardware and software components.
Oct 2013
Rapid prototyping and automatic VHDL code generation enable BBN engineers to develop, implement, and improve data-encryption schemes much faster than would be possible with traditional methods.
Sep 2013
This article describes a workflow for creating a permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) plant model using MATLAB® and Simulink® and commonly available lab equipment.
Sep 2013
UC Berkeley students demonstrate their creativity and ingenuity by tackling an open-ended design problem using MATLAB.
Jun 2013
Using MATLAB and Signal Processing Toolbox, Philips Research engineers develop audio beamforming technology that varies the TV sound levels for two people in the same room.
Apr 2013
TrueAllele technology uses MATLAB, Signal Processing Toolbox, and Statistics Toolbox to mathematically separate mixed DNA data into individual contributors and their respective genotypes.
Apr 2013
A simple guide to writing apps from scratch using object-oriented programming.
Dec 2012
Using Simulink models and physical structures, Lehigh University researchers test reactions to seismic activity in ships’ hulls, bridge decks, shear walls, and four-story buildings.
Dec 2012
This work employs a generative approach to optimization, where computational simulation of the problem space is combined with a computational optimization approach in the solution space.
Dec 2012
Simulations in MATLAB and Simulink enable Johnson Matthey engineers to understand the complex interactions taking place within a catalyst, see which parameters most affect the output, and make design trade-offs based on the results.
Nov 2012
Three techniques for finding a control strategy for optimal operation of a hydroelectric dam: using a nonlinear optimization algorithm, a nonlinear optimization algorithm with derivative functions, and quadratic programming.
Oct 2012
Cleve Moler presents MATLAB code for simulating basic strategy, and explains why simulating blackjack play in MATLAB is both an instructive programming exercise and a useful parallel computing benchmark.
Oct 2012
Examples of how financial professionals from more than 2300 organizations worldwide use MATLAB to develop and implement financial models, analyze substantial volumes of data, and operate under tightening regulation.
Oct 2012
MATLAB image processing and statistical analyses give researchers an objective computational method for measuring the ability of drugs in development to inhibit cancer metastasis.
Sep 2012
A MATLAB based model lets economists quickly update GDP forecasts and deliver the results almost in real time
May 2012
MATLAB and Simulink models help Simon Fraser University researchers run and control experiments to determine how sensory input affects walking speed.
Feb 2012
Lab sessions and an interactive tutorial enable students to work hands-on with MATLAB soon after learning a new numerical method.
Jan 2012
CommScope's MATLAB based DPD technology enables wireless base stations to operate efficiently while minimizing spurious amplifier emissions.
Jan 2012
Developed in MATLAB, Sonarscope software lets researchers process, analyze, and visualize terabytes of raw MBES data.
Nov 2011
Run your MATLAB code on a GPU by making a few simple changes to the code.
Sep 2011
University of Delaware researchers to identify the best combination of performance and efficiency.
Mar 2011
We performed coupled electro-mechanical finite element analysis of an electro-statically actuated micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) device.
Jul 2010
Using the bifilar pendulum as an example, this article shows how you can improve mass moments of inertia estimates by solving a more accurate nonlinear model.
May 2010
New scenario analysis models enable Italy’s leading bank to comply with Basel II requirements by holding capital against losses arising from operational risk.
Sep 2008
Using pre- and post-operative corneal topography data from a LASIK surgery patient as an example, this article describes the modal analysis of optics data using Zernike functions implemented in MATLAB®.
Jan 2008
Use these tools and techniques to create designs that perform as expected over time and are insensitive to changes in manufacturing, operational, or environmental factors.
Jan 2008
Short Description/Meta Description (250 character limit): This paper studies techniques that can be used to reduce the time needed to run block diagram simulations, including automatic code generation and cluster computing.
Nov 2007
This paper shows how a vehicle’s geometry can be optimized, control coefficients calculated, open-loop plant model created, flight controller designed, and closed-loop simulation run, to confirm that system-level requirements are satisfied.
Nov 2007
Engineering tools and techniques are driving dramatic results in systems biology — from new drugs to biofuels.
Jun 2007
Using MATLAB based fluid dynamics models, engineers simulated the airflow through all 154 kilometers of tunnels and shafts simultaneously.
Jun 2007
Use MATLAB and Financial Toolbox to construct realistic, optimal portfolios that are stable over time.
Oct 2006
A MATLAB based monitoring tool lets hydrologists and ecologists use time series models to collect and interpret groundwater data.
Oct 2006
On January 14, 2005, one engineer watched nervously as a probe named Huygens began its descent toward Titan, Saturn’s largest moon.
Jan 2006
A common measurement for studying the effect of burning fossil fuels on weather patterns is the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the atmosphere.
Oct 2002
Cleve Moler describes the advantages that the new stopping functions, g-stops, have over tf values in the ordinary differential equation solvers available in MATLAB 5 and Simulink 2.
Sep 1997
Cleve Moler explains the benefits and drawbacks of using floating-point numbers.
Oct 1996
Cleve Moler describes the applications and capabilities of the five ODE solvers available in MATLAB 5 and Simulink 2.
Sep 1996
Cleve Moler explains how the MATLAB compiler can speed mathematical computations by compiling function M-files.
Mar 1996

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