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This article describes a workflow for building a component model from requirements, simulating the component model, and then connecting it to a system-level model for further simulation and testing.
Jan 2014
This paper presents an integrated approach for the development of complex aerospace systems. To better illustrate the scope of this technique, a case study for a complex aerospace model based on the HL-20 personnel launch system is provided.
Jan 2012
This paper shows how a vehicle’s geometry can be optimized, control coefficients calculated, open-loop plant model created, flight controller designed, and closed-loop simulation run, to confirm that system-level requirements are satisfied.
Nov 2007
As any airline passenger who has experienced moderate turbulence knows, an aircraft is not a rigid structure. In certain circumstances, the complex interaction between the flexible structure and the aerodynamics can produce undesirable effects.
Nov 2007
Designing a new or modifying an existing flight vehicle is a complex, time-consuming process that brings both technical and process challenges.
Jan 2007
Eager to get home to Dayton, Ohio, for Christmas, Orville and Wilbur Wright rolled their Flyer out of its shed and onto rails laid on the hard, frozen sand, and decided to risk the 25 mph wind gusts.
Nov 2003

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