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  • Validating Design Requirements Using Model Coverage

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A workflow for testing a cruise controller component by using model coverage analysis to identify unexecuted or unused simulation pathways in the model.
Sep 2014
This paper presents best practices for completing projects certified to DO-178B and DO-178C using Model-Based Design. Included are key considerations, methods, and capabilities of Model-Based Design spanning the software development process.
Dec 2013
This paper presents a workflow for using Model-Based Design to efficiently conduct functional and structural verification on a cockpit display systems design model early in the development process, where it is easier and less expensive to update.
Oct 2013
This paper shows how engineers can determine whether their design is sufficiently covered by a set of requirements-based test vectors.
Sep 2013
This paper compares Model-Based Design approaches for developing logic-intensive algorithms in a high-integrity environment.
Feb 2013
Solving Sudoku using a MATLAB recursive backtracking algorithm.
Sep 2010

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