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The Velocity Mapping Toolbox (VMT), built in MATLAB, enables the U.S. Geological Survey to rapidly process huge amounts of raw water-flow data.
Jun 2014
Using Trajectory Evaluator and Simulator software built with MATLAB, ITER researchers define paths for 100-ton vehicles carrying activated components through a building with just 30 centimeters of clearance between the vehicle and the walls.
Feb 2014
Developed in MATLAB, Sonarscope software lets researchers process, analyze, and visualize terabytes of raw MBES data.
Nov 2011
Using WMS to simplify the process of finding geospatial raster data and Mapping Toolbox to analyze the data and create map displays.
Oct 2010
This freshman seminar gives students practical experience in geological and geophysical research using MATLAB.
Oct 2010
Article Reprint from The MathWorks News & Notes, 2008: MATLAB based algorithms translate the millions of drive files accumulated by test vehicles into reports on vehicle performance and refueling infrastructure.
Sep 2008
Bird strikes are a common threat to aircraft safety. One of the most effective ways to prevent them is to know the likely position of birds in any given location throughout the day.
Sep 2007
This article describes a land-cover aggregation and mosaic process implemented with MATLAB distributed computing tools.
Jan 2006

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