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Article describes method for controlling AFR that combines low cost of conventional switching oxygen sensor and streamlined catalyst conversion efficiency calibration made possible by direct adjustment of exhaust AFR amplitude, frequency, and bias.
Sep 2014
Engineers use MATLAB and Simulink to analyze image and signal data, design controls and signal processing algorithms, implement their designs in software after thorough verification and validation, and generate reports for standards compliance.
Aug 2014
This paper describes how HDL Coder can be used with Altera DSP Builder in an integrated FPGA workflow.
Feb 2014
This article describes a workflow for building a component model from requirements, simulating the component model, and then connecting it to a system-level model for further simulation and testing.
Jan 2014
This paper presents a workflow for using Model-Based Design to efficiently conduct functional and structural verification on a cockpit display systems design model early in the development process, where it is easier and less expensive to update.
Oct 2013
Third-party products help developers prototype and deploy human machine interface (HMI) applications with integrated graphics and multi-touch and voice input using Model-Based Design.
Oct 2013
Engineers and scientists connect MATLAB and Simulink to FPGAs, microprocessors, cameras, instruments, and other hardware to design, test, and verify systems that combine hardware and software components.
Oct 2013
This paper shows how engineers can determine whether their design is sufficiently covered by a set of requirements-based test vectors.
Sep 2013
UPenn has developed a first-of-its-kind electrophysiological model of the heart that enables real-time closed-loop testing and early verification of pacemakers by simulating a variety of heart conditions.
Jun 2013
This paper compares Model-Based Design approaches for developing logic-intensive algorithms in a high-integrity environment.
Feb 2013
This paper examines common Stateflow design constructs. It explores the performance of architectural decisions such as state actions versus transition actions, events versus transition conditions, and MATLAB® versus C as the action language.
Feb 2013
Use the Model Advisor exclusion capability to speed up verification of Simulink and Stateflow models.
Jan 2013
An interview with a senior Simulink development team lead and an example showing how Simulink R2012b simplifies model navigation, simulation analysis, and model editing.
Jan 2013
Model-Based Software Design, an elective course for fifth-year students, prepares future engineers by combining lectures and practical exercises with seminars conducted by local industry experts.
Dec 2012
This paper discusses a verification and validation workflow for developing in-vehicle software components which need to comply with ISO 26262-6 using Model-Based Design.
Dec 2012
This work employs a generative approach to optimization, where computational simulation of the problem space is combined with a computational optimization approach in the solution space.
Dec 2012
Nov 2012
Third-party solutions enhance Model-Based Design for system engineering and embedded-system development in renewable energy applications.
Oct 2012
Tips and techniques to make your model run faster.
Jun 2012
This paper describes the interoperability of tools that support Model-Based Design. It focuses on mechanisms defined by AUTOSAR, and outlines how to verify and validate designs at different stages in the workflow.
May 2012
TNO's shockwave-damping software helps ensure smooth traffic flow after sudden braking incidents.
Apr 2012
This paper provides an introduction to Model-Based Design and on-target rapid prototyping (OTRO), as well as a step-by-step approach for getting started with OTRP.
Dec 2011
With accurate vehicle simulation models enable engineers to quantitatively determine the optimal tradeoff between the conflicting demands of vehicle performance and fuel economy.
Nov 2011
Use simulation to design and verify complex control strategies in a model—then reuse the model to automatically generate IEC 61131 structured text to program the PLC for deployment.
Oct 2011
This paper presents a set of practical strategies for determining the first steps to take when using Model-Based Design and code generation in production development processes.
Dec 2010
This paper recommends best practices for creating an infrastructure and deploying large-scale models for embedded applications using Model-Based Design.
Dec 2010
Using an automotive CD player system as an example, this article demonstrates a workflow for verifying system behavior in the presence of communication latencies.
Dec 2010
By enabling C-code generation directly from MATLAB algorithms, the Embedded MATLAB language subset closes the gap between exploration and implementation.
Nov 2009
Model-Based Design enabled IAV to reduce their mass-production ECU development process from three years to just 18 months.
Nov 2009
Developed under the guidance of Detroit engineers, a course in embedded control systems introduces seniors and first-year graduate students to industrystandard tools and Model-Based Design.
Nov 2009
Using a do-while loop as an example, this article demonstrates how modeling design patterns can be used to generate efficient C code from algorithm models.
Sep 2009
This article shows how engineers who use Simulink and Stateflow within Model-Based Design can integrate state machines and control logic designed with Stateflow with Simulink blocks, subsystems, and components.
Jan 2009
This paper shows how Model-Based Design can be used to address challenges facing engineers developing commercial vehicle electronics systems.
Dec 2008
Article presents a methodology for applying Model-Based Design to develop and automatically optimize vehicle stability control systems.
Nov 2008
Using a fault-tolerant fuel system model as an example, this article describes tools and a workflow for converting models from floating- to fixed-point for production code generation. The approach described uses two tools in Simulink Fixed Point.
Nov 2008
Create web views - HTML files generated by Simulink Report Generator™ that are interactive visual replicas of Simulink and Stateflow® models, which can be navigated just as models.
Sep 2008
SimEvents extends the Simulink environment for Model-Based Design into the discrete-event simulation domain. In this article, we use SimEvents to analyze resource constraints on three typical systems.
Mar 2008
Case Western Reserve University researchers developed a programmable device that sends electrical signals to an implant that activates paralyzed limbs and muscles.
Feb 2008
Short Description/Meta Description (250 character limit): This paper studies techniques that can be used to reduce the time needed to run block diagram simulations, including automatic code generation and cluster computing.
Nov 2007
As any airline passenger who has experienced moderate turbulence knows, an aircraft is not a rigid structure. In certain circumstances, the complex interaction between the flexible structure and the aerodynamics can produce undesirable effects.
Nov 2007
Engineers used Model-Based Design and rapid prototyping to build and test a controller before the fuel cell plant was available.
Jun 2007
System engineers streamline the workflow with Model-Based Design and a virtual breadboard.
Oct 2006
This paper discusses the use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software with Model-Based Design to develop a fault detection, isolation, and recovery (FDIR) application for a redundant actuator control system.
Nov 2005
Stateflow truth tables are the only construct in the Simulink® and Stateflow environment that support static analysis of logical completeness.
Jun 2004

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