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This article outlines best practices for adopting modeling standards and deploying them across an organization.
Sep 2014
This article describes a workflow for building a component model from requirements, simulating the component model, and then connecting it to a system-level model for further simulation and testing.
Jan 2014
This paper outlines the requirements and considerations for developing and deploying physical system models.
Jan 2014
This paper presents best practices for completing projects certified to DO-178B and DO-178C using Model-Based Design. Included are key considerations, methods, and capabilities of Model-Based Design spanning the software development process.
Dec 2013
A MATLAB and Simulink workflow for developing a desktop or lab dynamometer capable of running at lower DC bus voltages.
Dec 2013
Using a wind turbine blade as an example, this article describes a semi-automated way to create complex 3D mechanical structures using MATLAB and the General Extrusion shape in SimMechanics.
Nov 2013
This paper discusses the modeling and simulation of a hovercraft for developing a motion control system. The model will be used to evaluate the controller’s performance before the fully-integrated hardware is available.
Nov 2013
This paper presents a workflow for using Model-Based Design to efficiently conduct functional and structural verification on a cockpit display systems design model early in the development process, where it is easier and less expensive to update.
Oct 2013
This paper describes the start of the quadrotor design and development process using Model-Based Design with MATLAB and Simulink in the transition from CAD data to a full dynamic model.
Oct 2013
Using industry-standard tools such as MATLAB and Simulink, and low-cost hardware such as Arduino, Beagleboard, LEGO MINDSTORMS, and Raspberry Pi, students tackle real engineering problems and acquire the skills they will need for careers in industry.
Oct 2013
Third-party products help developers prototype and deploy human machine interface (HMI) applications with integrated graphics and multi-touch and voice input using Model-Based Design.
Oct 2013
Rapid prototyping and automatic VHDL code generation enable BBN engineers to develop, implement, and improve data-encryption schemes much faster than would be possible with traditional methods.
Sep 2013
SKA South Africa engineers are developing a DSP system capable of processing 5 terabits of data a second from the 64 radio antennas in the MeerKAT array.
Aug 2013
A novel combination of the extended Kalman filter (EKF) algorithm, a two-RC-block equivalent circuit, and the coulomb counting method facilitates runtime SOC evaluation for commercial high-power LFP cells.
Apr 2013
Use a layered approach to break the parameter estimation problem into a subset of data and parameter values so that the optimizer can focus on a specific problem.
Apr 2013
This paper compares Model-Based Design approaches for developing logic-intensive algorithms in a high-integrity environment.
Feb 2013
This paper examines common Stateflow design constructs. It explores the performance of architectural decisions such as state actions versus transition actions, events versus transition conditions, and MATLAB® versus C as the action language.
Feb 2013
Use the Model Advisor exclusion capability to speed up verification of Simulink and Stateflow models.
Jan 2013
An interview with a senior Simulink development team lead and an example showing how Simulink R2012b simplifies model navigation, simulation analysis, and model editing.
Jan 2013
To improve code quality, development teams complement traditional software verification activities with static code analysis using Polyspace code verifiers, which use formal methods with abstract interpretation to verify C, C++, or Ada code.
Dec 2012
This work employs a generative approach to optimization, where computational simulation of the problem space is combined with a computational optimization approach in the solution space.
Dec 2012
Nov 2012
From simulation and early verification to real-time testing, Model-Based Design results in shorter, less costly design cycles and helps designers create more robust, higher-performing control systems for motor control applications.
Oct 2012
Guidance on complying with the new standards within Model-Based Design.
Jul 2012
Techniques based on formal methods for verifying complex avionics systems.
Jul 2012
Analyzing source code for quality and reliability with Polyspace code verifiers.
Jun 2012
Septentrio streamlines the DO-178B certification process with MATLAB and Simulink.
May 2012
This paper describes a collaborative design workflow based on Simulink® Projects, and outlines key challenges engineers face today, such as design partitioning and artifacts management.
Apr 2012
Recent enhancements to MATLAB® and Image Processing Toolbox™ dramatically increase image processing speed
Apr 2012
Measure code efficiency and perform rigorous code verification using MATLAB, Simulink, and Embedded Coder.
Mar 2012
This paper presents an integrated approach for the development of complex aerospace systems. To better illustrate the scope of this technique, a case study for a complex aerospace model based on the HL-20 personnel launch system is provided.
Jan 2012
Examples show how Model-Based Design enables organizations worldwide to cut development time by 50% or more.
Oct 2011
When the GN&C system for the Orion crew vehicle undergoes Critical Design Review, more than 90% of the flight software will already be developed– thanks to a new development approach using Model-Based Design.
Oct 2011
Balance speed and accuracy by using Simscape to configure your model for real- time simulation.
Oct 2011
Run your MATLAB code on a GPU by making a few simple changes to the code.
Sep 2011
Using an automotive CD player system as an example, this article demonstrates a workflow for verifying system behavior in the presence of communication latencies.
Dec 2010
Using WMS to simplify the process of finding geospatial raster data and Mapping Toolbox to analyze the data and create map displays.
Oct 2010
Solving Sudoku using a MATLAB recursive backtracking algorithm.
Sep 2010
We performed coupled electro-mechanical finite element analysis of an electro-statically actuated micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) device.
Jul 2010
Using the bifilar pendulum as an example, this article shows how you can improve mass moments of inertia estimates by solving a more accurate nonlinear model.
May 2010
This article describes techniques for generating code from Simulink models and integrating that code into corporate simulation environments. The techniques are based on actual aerospace use cases.
Jan 2010
This article provides brief profiles of 7 customers who use parallel computing to solve computationally intensive problems: Max Planck Institute, EIM Group, Argonne National Laboratory, C-COR, MIT, Univ of London, Univ of Geneva.
Nov 2009
Outlines the challenges involved in the manual translation from MATLAB to C, demonstrates how to use the Embedded MATLAB subset for automatic translation, and provides best practices for coding your MATLAB algorithm to improve the generated C code.
Nov 2009
By enabling C-code generation directly from MATLAB algorithms, the Embedded MATLAB language subset closes the gap between exploration and implementation.
Nov 2009
Using a do-while loop as an example, this article demonstrates how modeling design patterns can be used to generate efficient C code from algorithm models.
Sep 2009
To determine whether the wing design of a small passenger aircraft meets strength requirements, we derive analytical models of the loads and bending moments on the wing using the notebook interface in Symbolic Math Toolbox.
Jul 2009
Using an aerospace system model as an example, this article describes the parallelization of a controller parameter tuning task using Parallel Computing Toolbox and Simulink Design Optimization.
May 2009
Using a fault-tolerant fuel system model as an example, this article describes tools and a workflow for converting models from floating- to fixed-point for production code generation. The approach described uses two tools in Simulink Fixed Point.
Nov 2008
Using a typical numerical computing problem as an example, this article describes how to threads and parallel for loops to get code to work well in a multicore system.
Sep 2008
An integrated framework enables technicians unfamiliar with communications theory to specify an SDR design at a high level of abstraction.
Sep 2008
This paper uses a hydromechanical actuator as an example to illustrate techniques for modeling, optimizing, and testing plant models in MATLAB® and Simulink®. High-performance computing clusters are used to speed up Monte Carlo techniques.
Aug 2008
Software systems deployed in safety-critical applications in aerospace and other industries must satisfy rigorous development and verification standards.
May 2008
This article describes methods for modeling and simulating continuous and hybrid continuous-locking mechanical friction using Simulink, Simscape, SimDriveline, and SimMechanics. It is co-authored by Caterpillar and The MathWorks.
May 2008
SimEvents extends the Simulink environment for Model-Based Design into the discrete-event simulation domain. In this article, we use SimEvents to analyze resource constraints on three typical systems.
Mar 2008
This paper shows how a vehicle’s geometry can be optimized, control coefficients calculated, open-loop plant model created, flight controller designed, and closed-loop simulation run, to confirm that system-level requirements are satisfied.
Nov 2007
As any airline passenger who has experienced moderate turbulence knows, an aircraft is not a rigid structure. In certain circumstances, the complex interaction between the flexible structure and the aerodynamics can produce undesirable effects.
Nov 2007
Bird strikes are a common threat to aircraft safety. One of the most effective ways to prevent them is to know the likely position of birds in any given location throughout the day.
Sep 2007
Using disparate tools and languages to develop analog mixed-signal ICs makes the design process prone to error, time-consuming, and complicated. Model-Based Design addresses these problems by completing all design stages in MATLAB and Simulink.
Sep 2007
In August 1969, NASA’s spin-stabilized Applications Technology Satellite 5 (ATS5) began to wobble, sending the spacecraft into an unplanned flat spin and crippling the mission. It was later found that this event was caused by excessive fuel slosh.
Jul 2007
Engineers used Model-Based Design and rapid prototyping to build and test a controller before the fuel cell plant was available.
Jun 2007
Using MATLAB graphics and GUI building tools, engineers developed an application for analyzing gain patterns in 3-D and 2-D simultaneously.
Jun 2007
MATLAB based Vectorized Test Program Sets enable engineers to apply, measure, and analyze vectors of input and output signals in parallel.
Jun 2007
This paper introduces Model-Based Design, highlights some of its benefits, and discusses 10 best practices for adopting a Model-Based Design culture across an organization.
Apr 2007
This paper discusses the challenges of performing configuration management of the models and associated files central to Model-Based Design for use in a production environment.
Apr 2007
Designing a new or modifying an existing flight vehicle is a complex, time-consuming process that brings both technical and process challenges.
Jan 2007
Extensive simulations help ensure a flawless first flight for a unique aircraft design.
Oct 2006
Accelerator physicists at the University of London use multiple simulations and high-throughput computing to test beam-alignment algorithms.
Oct 2006
Engineers at BAE seized a rare opportunity to directly compare hand-coding of VHDL with a new approach built upon Model-Based Design.
Sep 2006
Engineers and scientists use a variety of approaches to improve or design quality into products.
Jul 2006
FPGA-based processing can add levels of performance only possible with custom ASICs.
Jan 2006
On January 14, 2005, one engineer watched nervously as a probe named Huygens began its descent toward Titan, Saturn’s largest moon.
Jan 2006
This paper discusses the use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software with Model-Based Design to develop a fault detection, isolation, and recovery (FDIR) application for a redundant actuator control system.
Nov 2005
Eager to get home to Dayton, Ohio, for Christmas, Orville and Wilbur Wright rolled their Flyer out of its shed and onto rails laid on the hard, frozen sand, and decided to risk the 25 mph wind gusts.
Nov 2003
A history of the digital autopilot that landed men on the Moon 30 years ago.
Jun 1999

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