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In this paper, a model represents a battery pack and features cell creation, placement, and connection using automation scripts. The paper presents an assessment of model partitioning schemes for real-time execution on multicore targets.
Sep 2014
Drexel nuclear engineering students use MATLAB to complete capstone design projects, including an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for radiation detection and a nuclear reactor simulator.
Mar 2014
Using industry-standard tools such as MATLAB and Simulink, and low-cost hardware such as Arduino, Beagleboard, LEGO MINDSTORMS, and Raspberry Pi, students tackle real engineering problems and acquire the skills they will need for careers in industry.
Oct 2013
Third-party products help developers prototype and deploy human machine interface (HMI) applications with integrated graphics and multi-touch and voice input using Model-Based Design.
Oct 2013
Engineers and scientists connect MATLAB and Simulink to FPGAs, microprocessors, cameras, instruments, and other hardware to design, test, and verify systems that combine hardware and software components.
Oct 2013
This article describes how engineers in the Baker Hughes’ Dynamics and Telemetry group used automatic code generation to reduce the number of code defects and lessened the time required to fix bugs.
Sep 2013
Using simulation and optimization techniques to investigate the characteristics that a variable generation system with energy storage should have for given operational profiles.
Feb 2013
An interview with a senior Simulink development team lead and an example showing how Simulink R2012b simplifies model navigation, simulation analysis, and model editing.
Jan 2013
Three techniques for finding a control strategy for optimal operation of a hydroelectric dam: using a nonlinear optimization algorithm, a nonlinear optimization algorithm with derivative functions, and quadratic programming.
Oct 2012
Third-party solutions enhance Model-Based Design for system engineering and embedded-system development in renewable energy applications.
Oct 2012
A realistic understanding of a wind farm’s electrical capability requires a simulation using models that capture the electrical and mechanical dynamics of individual turbines.
Sep 2012
Designing a control system for wind turbines with blade-pitch and power-electronic control, and optimizing parameter tuning for different electromechanical control functions.
Jun 2012
Recent enhancements to MATLAB® and Image Processing Toolbox™ dramatically increase image processing speed
Apr 2012
Model-Based Design enables Hugo Petersen to cut costs and reduce development time by a factor of 5 to 10.
Jan 2012
Developed in MATLAB, Sonarscope software lets researchers process, analyze, and visualize terabytes of raw MBES data.
Nov 2011
Nov 2010
Using a typical numerical computing problem as an example, this article describes how to threads and parallel for loops to get code to work well in a multicore system.
Sep 2008
This paper introduces Model-Based Design, highlights some of its benefits, and discusses 10 best practices for adopting a Model-Based Design culture across an organization.
Apr 2007
Use MATLAB and Financial Toolbox to construct realistic, optimal portfolios that are stable over time.
Oct 2006

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