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Topics covered include assessing code performance, adopting efficient serial programming practices, working with System objects, performing parallel computing, and generating C code.
Mar 2013
By using a Simulink behavioral model to simulate system performance, designers quickly evaluate design alternatives and reduce simulation time.
Oct 2012
MATLAB and Simulink models help Simon Fraser University researchers run and control experiments to determine how sensory input affects walking speed.
Feb 2012
Using MATLAB, it took Averna less time to develop the production version of their design than it would have taken simply to debug the version written in C.
Dec 2011
Nujira’s envelope-tracking technology doubles a PA’s efficiency from 30% to 60%.
Oct 2010
Cosimulating digital baseband components in MATLAB® and Simulink® with the analog components in Cadence® Virtuoso® AMS Designer enables Atmel to verify system performance well before committing to silicon.
May 2010
A BYU professor describes how students in In ECEn 485: Introduction to Digital Communication Theory use MATLAB and Simulink to design and test digital modems and communication systems.
Apr 2009

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