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This article describes a workflow for creating a plant transfer function from input-output test data and using it to automatically tune PID controller gains. The entire workflow is completed using the PID Tuner app in Control System Toolbox™.
Oct 2014
Identify a plant model from input-output data, use the identified model to design a controller, and implement the controller on an embedded microprocessor.
Jan 2013
Using Simulink models and physical structures, Lehigh University researchers test reactions to seismic activity in ships’ hulls, bridge decks, shear walls, and four-story buildings.
Dec 2012
Tips and techniques to make your model run faster.
Jun 2012
MATLAB and Simulink models help Simon Fraser University researchers run and control experiments to determine how sensory input affects walking speed.
Feb 2012
Use the System Identification toolbox to develop models of a black-box system without having to fully characterize the mathematics governing the system behavior.
Jul 2004

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