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This paper presents best practices for completing projects certified to DO-178B and DO-178C using Model-Based Design. Included are key considerations, methods, and capabilities of Model-Based Design spanning the software development process.
Dec 2013
With a custom rapid control prototyping platform and Model-Based Design, Hella engineers produce a real-time prototype incorporating 80% of the final product’s functionality in a few months.
Mar 2013
To improve code quality, development teams complement traditional software verification activities with static code analysis using Polyspace code verifiers, which use formal methods with abstract interpretation to verify C, C++, or Ada code.
Dec 2012
Nov 2012
Septentrio streamlines the DO-178B certification process with MATLAB and Simulink.
May 2012
This paper describes how it is impossible to use traditional testing methods in order to test complex software systems. It shows how engineers can use formal methods to specify the full range of data in the calibration tables and verify software.
Apr 2012
Polyspace identified the 97% of code that was free of certain run-time errors, enabling Elektrobit to focus code reviews on the remaining 3%.
Jun 2011
This paper describes the tool classification and qualification approach of ISO/FDIS 26262 “Road Vehicles - Functional Safety” and summarizes the authors’ firsthand experiences with implementing this approach for development and verification tools.
Apr 2011
PolySpace products use sophisticated math and analysis to prove the absence of run-time errors without the need to compile and run the code.
Sep 2008
Aerospace, automotive, communications, mechatronics and other organizations solve the challenge of verifying and validating embedded systems comprising software and electronics.
Sep 2008
Software systems deployed in safety-critical applications in aerospace and other industries must satisfy rigorous development and verification standards.
May 2008

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